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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Schedule My Cleaning?
    Scheduling a cleaning service with us is straightforward and convenient. Simply reach out to us and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with the booking process. We’re here to ensure that your cleaning needs are met with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.
  • What Are Your Hours Of Operation?
    Our hours of operation are: Monday – Saturday: 9am-5pm Sunday: 9am-4pm
  • What Is Included In A Window Cleaning?
    The Cleaning Process Shoe Covers: To maintain cleanliness, shoe covers are worn at all times inside the premises. Drop Sheets: These are used to protect carpet and furniture from dust and debris. Cobweb Removal: Cobwebs are removed from window and door frames to ensure a clean appearance. Window Cleaning: The glass of the windows is thoroughly cleaned for a clear view. Sliding Door Cleaning: The glass of the sliding doors is cleaned to enhance visibility. Window Frames and Sills: These are wiped clean to remove any dust or dirt. Fly Screens: The window fly screens are removed and brushed clean for better air flow. Door Screens: The screens of the sliding doors are brushed clean to maintain their functionality. Window Tracks: The tracks of the windows are brushed and cleaned with a wet towel to ensure smooth operation. Sliding Door Tracks: The tracks of the sliding doors are brushed and cleaned with a wet towel for easy sliding.
  • Will The Same Cleaner Come Every-Time?
    Yes, upon request. Please understand that cleaners have personal lives, and can get sick, or request leave. If that occurs we’ll ask to either reschedule, or send a different cleaner.
  • What Is Included In A Regular Cleaning?
    Do’s: Kitchen (clean sink out, counter tops, cabinet faces upper and lower, stove top) All exterior surfaces in all rooms Floors are mopped and vacuumed Bathroom (complete toilet clean, shower, handles, tub, drain) Bedroom shelving, nightstands, bed frames, tidy up bed) All window sills Dont’s: All Extras are not included (must be selected for an additional cost) The extra time included in deep cleans allows for more detailed work in the above mentioned Do’s.
  • What Is Included In A Deep Cleaning?
    Do’s: All tasks performed during a regular cleaning Baseboard cleaning Sanitization of light switches and door handles Detailed dusting Polishing of back splashes and faucet fixtures Light organization of all rooms (for detailed organization, please select the add-on) An extra hour dedicated to high-detail areas Dont’s: All additional services are not included in the base cost. They must be selected separately for an additional fee.
  • Am I Charged Upon Booking?
    Yes, this is to ensure your day and time is reserved. This may seem inconvenient and unorthodox as a service company. But due to fraudulent billings in the past we’ve changed to this standard to ensure all cleanings are paid for before service.
  • Cancellations And Refunds
    If you cancel before 48 hours you will receive a full refund to the payment information on file. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking, your booking is credited to your account to use whenever you’d like. If you cancel within 24 hours, it is a non refundable full charge.
  • Which Service Do You Recomend For First Time Clients?
    We recommend a deep clean for all first-time appointments to ensure that we thoroughly clean all areas of your home. Our deep clean service allows us extra time to get to the areas that may have been missed during regular cleanings in the past. After the initial deep clean, most customers switch to our standard 2-hour cleaning service.
  • What Is Included In A Move Out Or Move In Cleaning?
    The Move Out or Move In clean package is an all inclusive service that includes 4 out of the 7 extra services we offer. These extras include cleaning inside the oven, inside the fridge, inside the cabinets, and inside all windows. This clean is intended to thoroughly clean the home someone once lived in or is moving into, ensuring that it is sparkling clean and ready for its new occupants. Additionally, this package includes our standard cleaning services such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing all surfaces and bathrooms.
  • Is There A Rescheduling Fee?
    We do not charge for rescheduling as long as it is done before 48 hours of your original booking. Please see our Cancellation & Refund FAQ for further information.
  • Do I Have To Be Home When The Cleaners Arrive Or Depart?
    You do not! However if it’s your first time signing up for a cleaning with us, initial introductions always help develop the personable relationship with your home specialist.
  • What If I Want To Skip This Weeks Clean? Will I Still Be Charged?
    No, Unless it’s within the 48 hour window. Within this two day window if you decide to cancel, the clean will be credited to your account at no penalty for future use.
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